STEM has executed significant-size contracts for the Department of defence (DoD) and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). With its corporate Headquarters in Maryland and on-going project operations in several parts of the continental and outside continental united states (CONUS and OCONUS operations) , We are truly a world-class technical services company with a “can-do” attitude. From technical writing to toxic material handling, from engineering to integrating computer systems, we cover a broad spectrum of versatile services that are innovative and cost effective.

Whether it is on a remote island in the Pacific Ocean or at a chemical weapons storage igloo in Utah; whether we are proving international treaty support or improving lighting protection systems – it is our profession to tame the challenges and delver results to our customers.

What set us apart from our competition is our unique ability to integrate our responsiveness with creativity in finding timely solutions to provide maximum benefits to our clients for the dollars expended. We have the versatility to match with technical strengths and diversity of resources demanded by the challenging environment of today’s productivity and efficiency and efficiency - driven markets – be it Government or private industry.

Our vision is to achieve leadership;
Our mission is to grow with Quality.

Our endeavour is to strive for excellence, and our goal is customer satisfaction. We are small enough to provide undiluted attention and focus to our customer’s tasks, but we are large enough to find a solution with ease and innovation. No problem is complex enough, no place is remote enough, and no standard is rigid enough that we will not attempt to scale or surmount it. We seek our customer’s trust in us, and we offer our commitment to deliver results like no one else will.