Army Real Property Support

DD Form 1354

  • Review of previously prepared DD Form 1354s
  • Develop of DD Form 1354s from existing documentation
  • Research documentation required for DD Form 1354s
  • Unbundle DD Form 1354s for proper accountability
  • Provide DD Form 1354 Training on how to prepare and / or review the documents

Real Property Business Practices

  • Audit Readiness
  • Audit Remediation
  • Assess Current Business Practices and Make Recommendations for Improvements
  • Develop Plan for Full Compliance with Applicable Laws and Regulations
  • Develop Procedures
  • Develop End-to-End Process Mapping
  • Develop Quick Reference Guides
  • Provide Review of Asset Folders
  • Develop Asset Folders
  • Conduct Physical Inventory
  • Reconcile Inventory with GFEBS Data
  • On-Site Assessments

If you need support in the real property area, call STEM at 410-272-9080 or email Stan Childs at