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Here are just some of STEM's advantages:

  Low overhead, General & Administrative Costs to insure cost effectiveness and maximum benefit to the     customer.

  High degree of reliability and responsiveness, conscientious quality management, and professionalism.

  Employees are highly experienced and well qualified in the specific service/program executed.

  Access to highly experienced personnel resource pool familiar with the customerís requirements/needs.

  Proven track record of performing and delivering the results to the customerís satisfaction.

  Personnel with specialized niche disciplines, as well as individuals possessing versatile combination of     diverse skills.

  Small Business Approach and Focus to solving large and complex problems

  Strategic association with larger companies with access to additional talent and resource pool.

Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear, Explosives (CBRNE) Technical Services

Research, studies, literature review, analysis
Program integration and management
Detection, Decontamination
Computer Information Systems
(WMD) Preparedness Training
(CBRNE) Technical Services
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